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    I’m on here for support! I’ve got a complicated scenario as I have involuntary movement disorder & all over muscle twitching that occured at 40 making sleep, exercising, etc difficult. I was put on Valium to help for that plus anxiety. The issue is also have severe suicidal depression and actually have brain changes as a result per neuropsych evaluation. I tried several medication classes and they all made me more confused or set off my movements sending me to ER. TMS was my hope and first 9 treatments I was noticing joy return, some memory, etc. Then severe insomnia started, so they changed my protocol to increase right side to 3,000 pulses & also address sleep issues. Since I’m more irritable, have crying out of the blue returning, getting angry with my children (something unlike me) I’ve just had unbearable crying most days for no reason before TMS. Any advice? Will it get better? My case is pretty unique? It seems like those it messed up their sleep cycles got worsening depression, I seem to be in that category so it scares me. I knew this was a risk, but I didn’t expect to feel worse? More hazy?

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