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    I’m writing an article about TMS and the growing market for at-home devices that claim to use the same technology to treat major depression. Is there anyone who has tried an at-home device who would be willing to talk to me about their experience, whether or not they felt the device was effective or a rip-off, etc.?

    I received TMS at the National Institutes of Health as part of a clinical research study and found it effective in treating my depression. As a writer, I’m interested in exploring the mental health care “market” and how effective treatments are (or aren’t).


    Dee Pressed

    I purchased one of those “brain stimulators” online for about $800. Waste of money.The sponges with the unit have to be so wet that water runs down your neck the whole time the stimulator is in use. I believe the company that made the one I had was Fisher-Wallace. The unit was not any different than those units that can be purchased for back pain.
    I felt after a few times it was garbage and ended up selling it on eBay. I got some of my money back on it that way.

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