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    I was approved for treatment so that is good news, The bad news is I am very scared of the possibility of it not working. I suppose ECT would be next or more drugs or more therapy would be possibilities. I am treatment resistant to most mess. The whole thing is scary. Months seem to last years when I am depressed. I know this illness is tough for all of us who have it.



    I was scared too, actually terrified before and during most of treatment. TMS worked though in spite of my fear.
    What are you specifically scared about? Would you mind sharing?



    I think we ALL are terrified when going through TMS, that we will be the one it doesn’t work for. We don’t want to be fearful, at least for me, because thinking the fear may cause the treatment not to work. By the time we get to trying TMS, we are pretty desperate, and it’s only natural to feel the fear and dread of what to do if it doesn’t work. I fought it the entire time.

    Most people I had contact with said the same thing. I just finished treatment, and though I didn’t get the response I hoped for, I am hearing from many places and people, it isn’t until after TMS is done that changes happen. I had a call yesterday from a TMS place I was trying to get approved through but ended up using someone else. They were calling to follow up, and I mentioned this to her, that I was done, but upset as it didn’t seem to work. I mentioned I was still trying to hold on to hope for delayed response, and she told me many, many of their patients had this same delayed reaction. So, don’t give up, even if you don’t feel it’s working as you go through the process.

    I think the TMS must be doing something still because my emotions are all over the place , so I’m praying things are changing and eventually will settle down and I have positive outcome. If not, at least I tried.


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