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    I wanted so much for TMS to work for me! I was paying a large portion of it myself. But dealing with depression since age 10 or so – I needed an end! I thought I felt better at first. I hit bad anxiety and depression around #22-28. Sleeping at times 18 hours a day, not eating, etc. Finally it stopped and I just felt okay. I wanted to wake up with “a song in my heart” looking forward to every day, but I don’t. What I feel is less anxious, less suicidal and more able to “let things go”. I have #33 tomorrow and I feel okay – not great but okay. I know I will continue on medication, and hope it continues to improve. I finally understand when people would say “just let it go”. I couldn’t but now I can. Do I enjoy life more? No, but I don’t dread the day, fear seeing people, dread going out among people. For me i’d Say it was a success – it’s not a cure, but it’s a start! I hope that this gives someone hope. And yes, I am on Wellbutrin and have horrible ringing in my ears! At times making it hard to sleep! And I did have left/right treatment. I think they both help.

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