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    Hey everyone!

    I have recently started TMS with a new company that has recently availed it’s services in my country. I have done plenty of research on this treatment and had a pretty fair idea of what to expect. My first session was to find the location of where the magnet device would be placed and then to find out what threshold/setting the magnet would be adjusted to.
    Typically they look to see at what point your thumbs moves and then measure from there. My thumb moved on a setting of around 27 (magnetic pulse?). She then said that my threshold would therefore be 63. I wasnt sure what she meant by this but continued listening. At 27 I didnt feel any discomfort. She then explained to me that they would try to get me to a setting of 63 over the course of the first few sessions. I complied as there were no serious side-effects stated on the sheet other than ones typically mention. When I reached 50 it was pretty discomforting but bearable. Then up until 59 it was pretty bad and a bit disconcerting. I was wondering could I end up with a fractured skull with enough repetitions. It’s not terribly painful but discomforting enough to make you wonder.
    I asked her about their form of treatment and why it differs and she simply said that each company do things perhaps slightly different.
    It’s 15 sessions as opposed to 30 to 40 sessions and I’m pretty sure this has to be a factor.

    I’d very interested in other folks opinions on this 🙂



    Hi MichaelS101,
    I found this forum and decided to hang out here (virtually) while I’m in treatment. You shared some interesting information, I had no idea why they were watching my fingers twitch or what any of the numbers they were sharing meant or mean. What country are you from? Let me know how it’s going for you. Also please continue to share any information you have about TMS; it’s good to know.



    Hey, yeah, I’d done a fair bit of research over the years on this treatment but it did seem a bit dubious as to why they didnt actually state what would be happening, what the various aspects of the treatment consisted of in more detail. These aspects can influence someones decision in undertaking it. Another thing was the the nurse seemed a bit unsure of herself at times and perhaps didnt demonstrate the degree of confidence a client would expect in this situation.
    I’m starting my 4th, 5th and 6th session tomorrow and so far no effects have been noticed, not that I have any concrete expectations. I’d rather not mention the country as that may give away their anonymity as their the only TMS treatment here.
    I’ll keep you posted man 🙂



    This info may help explain the Motor Threshold figures (using the movement of the thumb as an identifying marker).

    Hope this is helpful.


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