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    I am at about my 10th or so treatment and am really wondering about my physical response during the pulses. I had a slight amount of right hand and finger twitching on my first post-mapping treatment. Since then, during most treatments, my right hand and fingers twitch violently with each pulse. The tech says she has never seen that response before, as did the doctor when he saw this during the first treatment. Given the range of sensations I have had with different treatments (sometimes shooting pain to face and jaw, sometimes localized pain at scalp) I am convinced that the position accuracy is not as precise as I anticipated and does vary. Has anyone heard or or experienced this sort of hand response?



    How long has your doctor been administering TMS treatments and how many patients has she/he administered treatments to? It seems like you deserve further conversation, information and response, not just “I have never seen this before.” I had an unusual response to treatments and my doctor remapped between treatment 10 and 11 and it resolved the issue upon readjustment of the coils (and it was ever so slight but made a difference).
    I would pursue this with your doctor until you have received information that satisfies your concerns. This is a medical treatment and should be addressed with that mindset and concern by your doctor and treatment team.
    Please keep in touch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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