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    I was in pretty bad shape before I started TMS, too foggy to drive safely. I needed 70+ sessions at 5,000 pulses before I was well enough to stop, which was in late December.

    I am definitely better and my mood is pretty consistent, but the fog and fatigue is persisting. I’ve talked to one other very helpful patient who told me he experienced the same thing, and has heard of similar patterns from other patients.

    So, I’m just wondering if anyone here had a similar experience: feeling better, but with these lingering foggy/tired symptoms that take time to resolve on their own. The tricky thing for me is I noticed a pattern where these symptoms are worse for 2-3 weeks after a treatment, so I’m not too keen on getting more. But I also hope where I am now leaves room for further improvement without treatments, or I’ll need to reconsider.

    Worth noting I am exercising pretty intensely five days a week, drink fresh juice every morning and meditate daily. My diet is pretty good too. I am not on any medications.



    Graffin, it sounds like you’ve made some pretty intense lifestyle changes. Kudos!!! BUT, perhaps slowing down a bit might lower the fatigue. Any time I’ve ever worked with a trainer (I am so good at starting!!!!), they tell me I’m going to be tired until my body gets used to it. Between the treatments and lots of exercise, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re tired.

    Still, sometime to consider if you haven’t… have you had your vitamin D level checked lately? They checked my levels months back and I was shocked at how low it was. My primary put me on a Vitamin D super dose that I took for five weeks and now I take extra every day.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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