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    I know that TMS is successful for a lot of people, but for those like me who found TMS to be extremely damaging, I wanted to try to find a commonality. What I think it was for me is that I was on an SSRI for six years that ended up being really harmful towards the end, withdrawal was excruciating, and I think it damaged the serotonin system in my brain. I read a paper suggesting TMS works by acting on the serotonin system (because nobody actually knows how it works) so I think that is what happened. For others who had a bad reaction to TMS, were you on SSRIs for years beforehand? Did you have a rough withdrawal period?

    Also, I have been seeing a functional neurologist and it seems to be helping some, not enough, but some.



    @springercali I’m really sorry you had a bad experience and this left you with more damage than you started with. I’ve been all over the place during treatments, but am finding some success compared to where I started. The only medication I take is Valium 10mg at night for severe anxiety that started last year & involuntary movements. I’m hoping TMS can get me off this awful medication. I wanted to offer some future treatments that you may want to look into (although you may be afraid to try experimenting after TMS) Psychedelics, specifically Psylocibin is showing to heal damaged parts of the brain in anxiety, depression, PTSD, & OCD. Sounds weird, but grows new nerve cells & there are clinical trials you can sign up for. Another option is DBS (deep brain stimulation) It’s an invasive option, but better than living with depression. Hang in there and you never know what may work unfortunately. I tried several medications including Ketamine (which left me more suicidal) or flared my movements. I was about to give up hope before TMS….keep looking for answers my friend.

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