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    I’ve had obsesional OCD for a long time. I’ve tried everything without success. However, no treatment made my OCD worse. This includes regular TMS. I had deep TMS 5 months ago. I was scheduled for 20 something treatments. After the first one, I was amazed but I felt much better. It decreased the obsessions considerably. I was so excited, this was the first time that happened. After the second treatment, I was back to normal and disappointed but still encouraged. The third treatment made me slightly worse than usually and I discussed with the staff psychiatrist. She said, “I should take a few days off before resuming treatment.” I did the fourth treatment four days later and it’s made things much worse than they’ve ever been.I stopped completely at that point. I thought the negative affects might subside but it hasn’t in five months

    It seems the 1st treatment achieved it’s goal and everything else was progessively downhill. Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any advice. I was thinking of taking a chance and going back for one treatment.




    I also had negative results. After the first few treatments I felt worse, but once my medication was lowered things felt less intense. Although, the more sessions I did, the more irritable I became. I’m currently unable to take medicine, so I’m feeling very hopeless. I completed the 35 treatments and it was recommended that I do maintenance, but I can’t put myself through that again. I’m totally depressed, can’t concentrate, in a fog and I’m suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks, which I’ve never had a problem with (other than an occasional situation).



    I am sorry you both went through this. I went through 36 “treatments” only to emerge on the other side with worsening depression and anxiety. I finished last August 2019. I thought like you Harold I was getting my energy back and feeling better after 4 sessions. After 10 sessions I crashed into a worse depression and its never gotten better. Its also made me feel more like a recluse – I don’t do or enjoy the things I somewhat used to – even through depression.

    I should say, certain things have gotten slightly better. Like I don’t have the anxiety attacks like I was or social anxiety is a little better. However it really did a number on my brain. I think they just use a standard treatment, when really every brain is different. Harold, maybe you only needed 1-2 treatments. It’s a very powerful machine and not fair or accurate to treat every brain the same.

    All I can say is the message that “noninvasive and safe” is misleading and unfair. Certain individuals like myself and sounds like many others have experienced very negative consequences.

    There is a facebook page where a good amount of us are trying to get together (theres about 80 now) and figure out any means of getting some action done. Please email me if you would like to chat more …

    Thanks for reading and I wish you nothing but better health…

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