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    Gin Doloughan

    Greetings and Happy Holidays,

    No matter how you celebrate I know when your not feeling well its not much fun. And as many of you I have had a few bad holidays. Many of who suffer from depression just want to find the peace that others around us seem to have. And before TMS I was failing in that search. I know that this is not the right fit for us all, but it seems to have been for me. Which is all I can speak about. The veil has been lifted and now I am able to see around me with some clarity. I am not done with my journey as I still suffer from all the physical ailments I was left with for being depressed in the first place. But at least I can make tiny steps forward and try to fix that as well. And not throw my hands up and remain seated as it felt hopeless to do otherwise.

    If you are contemplating this treatment good, but take the time to research it as I did. Read these testimonies and last but not least don’t go into this with Ok this is going to fix me. I am not a Dr, so my next comments are only my thoughts. But the neurons in our brain hold the chemicals that make us …well US. And the chemicals of that held us in a depressive mode were inside them or dead inside them. So with the TMS treatment we are awaking those chemicals to reformat themselves. And if you go into the treatment with other chemicals flooding your brain such as what is produce when anxious or angry making those chemicals present while having treatment happen might influence the new make up of the neuron. I don’t want people pouncing on me with I am wrong or stupid. I again say this is what I believe and many might not. People that meditate do similar things. In trying to change the chemicals in their mind. Anyhow, in the end I think the treatment worked. I am only a month out after my last treatment. But enjoying the holiday time. Planning on making cookies and toffee next week.

    I just hope that TMS will work for you all. Because being depressed is no fun.

    Blessed Be to you and your families during this time of year.



    thank you so much sharing this.

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