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    Okay, so stupid title to this post/topic. Has anyone else experienced some memory issues? Am I just making this up? Like my short-term memory seems to suck. Like I know we can hold 1-4 seconds of immediate information depending if it’s verbal/audio or visual. But lately I seem to forget the smallest things. Not like car keys, or my phone… but like at work, I had to ask this table 3x in a row what drinks they wanted because I could not remember for the life of me! I also have asked my dad what he was doing on Friday (asked earlier in the week); and within hours I asked him again, not because I wasn’t listening, but I completely forgot that I already asked. Maybe I’m just tired and my brain isn’t functioning as well as it could due to excessive tiredness and suche. I also totally fucked up my work schedule and forgot what time my shift started; I forgot to check, I knew I worked but the time didn’t even occur to me.

    But has anyone noticed any short-term memory issues? If so, did they subside? Like my headaches and jaw pain (related to TMS) have nearly disappeared (slight headaches). So yay for that.



    My doctor said that he has observed memory improvement in the patients he has treated. He is only one doctor though.
    I found this article from a study at Northwestern University and pulled a couple of quotes below. The entire article is at this website. Hope this may be helpful.
    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) improved the memory of participants in a Northwestern University study
    “The results showed that brain stimulation led to better performance on the memory tests, with it taking three days of stimulation before the improvements occurred.”
    Good Luck with treatment.

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