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    I’m searching for ways (ideas) to distract myself during my TMS treatments.
    I have been struggling with the pain and I thought anything would help.
    The rules of NO metal around your head during treatments has left me searching for help.
    I can’t see without my glasses, they have metal hinges, so reading is out.
    I tried listening to Pandora, but I can’t hear it with the ear plugs that are required.
    I thought I found solution when I heard of the wireless ear buds.
    But, it turns out that only meant you didn’t have to have them connected to your device by wires.
    I don’t know the terminology to describe what I’m looking for,
    but I hope someone has some suggestions for me.
    Thank you



    Has anyone on your treatment team suggested ideas? You might want to ask them first. Several patients have discussed taking something like ibuprophen before treatment with their doctors. Also some doctors offer videos and turn the volume up so that it can be heard above the sound of treatment. Even if you can’t see clearly a video still might be distracting. I bring my phone and listen to youtube lectures with no problem. Find something of interest to you specifically and search youtube. There are so many offerings.
    It is common for the discomfort to lessen in intensity after the first week or two. Definitely consult with your doctor as there are options for pain management within the scope of the treatment system.
    Searching the internet might bring some info too!



    I’ve tried using an icepack on my head prior to treatment (and afterward) with mixed success. Deep breathing between pulse bursts is also useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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