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    Hi all –
    I’m 6 months post-TMS treatment. I did 3 treatment areas for major depression and anxiety. I will say my anxiety was treated after the very first session and hasn’t returned. My depression improved greatly and most days I would say I’m 85% – 90% depression-free.

    Here is my concern and how I’m feeling. While the depression is greatly relieved, I also feel like I don’t experience great joy or happiness either. I feel like the TMS cut out the lows (depression) which is great but I also feel like it cut off the highs (joy) too, which is not so great. As the months have went by I’ve noticed experiences where I should be ecstatically happy but at best the most I feel is pleased. This was most noticeable a month ago when I got married and took a honeymoon.

    I’m not sure if feeling like this is due to the TMS, or if I’ve been depressed for so long I’m expecting happiness to feel differently (like my brain forgot what happiness is supposed to feel like).

    I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience post-TMS?

    Thank you!

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