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    Last week was my last session, and I can’t express how glad I am for going through this treatment. I definitely noticed a huge improvement overcoming depression and anxiety. I’m still myself, but I am not paralyzed by the existing or new problems that life puts in front of me. Before treatment, I felt as if I was sinking deeper down an infinite hole, with no way out. But now I don’t feel that way anymore. Instead I feel as though I am on a road with multiple pathways, and each decision leads to opportunities and different challenges that are simply obstacles I tackle one at a time.

    My improvement feels gradual. I’m steadier, though not an emotional zombie llike I was with ant depression medication. Some days are better than others, though I don’t feel crippled by the overcast of sadness that I use to endure on a daily basis.

    I fought depression for over 35 years. It affected so many things in my life in a bad way and prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do. I only wished I could have undergone TMS earlier in my life. Now that I have finished and notice the improvements, I look forward to living the rest of my life without the miserable weight of depression.

    I highly recommend going through TMS if you can. Personally from my experience, I’m starting to finally feel free.



    I just started TMS on March 13th, and finished my 6th day today. I am being treated for depression and PTSD. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving me a bit of hope this treatment will give me relief! It’s been pretty rough the past week, my psychiatrist was very aggressive with lowering my three medications, and added another, on my first day of treatment. Needless to say that failed miserably and I’m back on my starting dose for each medication. I’ve had some side effects since I started treatment, but can’t figure out if it’s the meds or not. Did you ever have nausea and confusion after your treatments? My doctor also decided to re-setup the machine today to check the dosage. How long did it take you to feel some relief? Congratulations on finishing your treatment!



    Smichelle- I had nausea after experiencing a painful treatment but not with the others i will have my 6th treatment today. My doctor has not touched any of my medications, I am still taking all, at the same dosages so I am not experiencing any ups and downs from medication changes. I think remaining on the meds until after completing TMS treatment seems the best, we have enough to deal with already. I look forward to coming off the meds eventually I think that will lift a second veil of depressed feelings and intensify everything around me. Best of luck to you. Steady as she goes…….

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