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    I thought it would be good to log progress as I am in the beginning stages of undergoing TMS therapy for major depression disorder. I would say that although I’ve been trying to manage my depression with different medications for over 25 years, the last 10 years have symptoms became dramatically worse. To the point where I began to think it was my time to die, despite the fact that I loved my family and grateful of this life.. I was paralyzed in contradiction, which meant that my depression was winning. I was imploding and if I didn’t make a change now, I knew I would not have a future.

    In starting TMS I have noticed an increase in anxiety but I expected this, and planning on doing bilateral treatment to address this after session 10. I also noticed an increase in hunger and need for intimacy with my husband. I do have headaches occasionally but not migraines as I had before. Today I was actually able to run errands, whereas prior to treatment I couldn’t leave my room because I felt exhausted and sick all the time. Right now I would say I’m not happy but not hysterically crying either, which is a sign of progress. For instance, actually taking the time to write in this forum is progress, because when you’re suffering from deep depression, frankly you don’t care enough to make an effort to write and share with others.
    So posting my early progress as I go through this journey could be helpful for people contemplating TMS.
    One weird and funny thing I’ve noticed is that it’s been surprisingly easier to quickly solve challenging puzzle games. Something that I felt frustrated doing, at least before treatment.



    Very happy for you! I hope that it is successful for you. As you can tell from this forum, not everyone is so lucky and, unfortunately, some end up worse. I hope that you are one of the people it works for!

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