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    Hi everyone. I am having my last TMS treatment today, and I never had so much faith in something, never in my entire life, but I actually feel worse at this point. I have heard people state it was not until AFTER treatments have stopped did things turn around. I gave 100%, never missed a day, my attitude was THIS IS GOING TO WORK, which is a miracle for me. But I’ve been going downhill for the last 3 weeks, I just don’t feel right and then just learned my insurance benefits for “MENTAL HEALTH” benefits were wiped out for year because insurance covered 20 treatments. To me treatment is different than “office visit” Now I have no coverage to even follow up with a doctor, and not one person with United Health gives a straight answer. The 6k out of pocket I was told one time would cover my deductible, and nope, not one cent went toward it. I’m getting off topic. sorry!

    My question, I am so anxious to hear from anyone who didn’t feel right at end of treatment, or it was after it ended that things got better. I’m worried they didn’t do right area of brain, as they never really got my :”thumb” to move as they need to when mapping the right areas. I fear it’s because I have to take pain medication , and 1-2 mg Xanax daily that maybe messed up treatment. I am trying so hard to hang on to faith things can still turn around as I have never had such conviction and faith to do anything like this, I felt it was 100% the Lord that pushed me to do it.

    I am open to any feedback, thank you to everyone. I don’t know what to do if it actually made things worse, that was not something I thought could happen.


    Dee Pressed

    TMS has been an up and down process for me. I have one week left and my sessions will be done.
    I do not see a dramatic difference in my depression, but I do crash without a few days of TMS. I have missed some sessions due to health issues. So it must be doing something.
    I wonder if I was mapped correctly as well. I take anxiety medications, and a muscle relaxer. I know when I see my medical doctor it is difficult to get a reaction from me when testing my reflexes. So why would it be unusual when mapping that it might take a bit longer to get my fingers to move. I have been told it does not work that way, perhaps that is correct.
    Everyone being different TMS must work differently on each person.
    It is quite disappointing and depressing after spending so much money on TMS that it just may not work.
    In the beginning of TMS it did make things worse for me, and I was angry too. Not my norm.
    A few weeks ago I noticed my anxiety medications were not working very well. That lasted for a few days and now the meds are working again.
    I don’t think TMS can actually permanently make things worse.
    You say its been 3 weeks you have been going downhill. What does your doctor say? I have no therapist, and have been going through TMS without one. Not a good idea, wish I would have known that in the beginning. Psychiatrist trained in TMS mapped me, then I never saw her again.

    Hopefully TMS will work for you. Don’t give up. Keep the faith.



    Thank you for taking time to answer my post. I really have heard from more than one person, the effects can last up to a year, so neither of us need to give up, I have been really trying to get more nutrition, but it’s hard I just don’t feel like eating, don’t eat crap, just don’t really want to eat. I think I took too many supplements this past week trying to cram in any help for my brain and that didn’t help matters. I’m so mad, I don’t eat but do not lose one pound!

    These last few sessions, they bumped up to 5000 pulses on the left side but dropped the right side which is the side that leave me feeling calm, so I think the agitation I’m feeling might be due to the increase and no balance from right side. .

    I know I wasn’t expecting such a change to have me ” dancing and tiptoeing through the tulips, though that would have been nice! LOL. But I truly had such faith I’d get a “Lift” from that horrid mess that makes each day so hard. (You know, like oh geez, do I have to take a shower today, how am I going to get through the work day, and hide in isolation as soon as I can. I can’t even have a decent phone conversation with my own mom. ) I do fear the pain med and Xanax are big issue, I feel so unwell physically every single day, but they need the med I was taking when I went for assessment. It did sort of bug me about my thumb not moving, what if I have a weird brain and they don’t know it, so wrong area was being done this whole time? 16 years of chronic pain and stress trying to work and not doing very well, I fear may have caused such damage to my brain, on top of already struggling issues since childhood. I really never gave possibility of something getting worse with TMS a thought! But my thinking is so jumbled, and just feels different in a bad way, is scaring me. I didn’t have focus to start with, but?

    TMS place talked me into coming back for a couple more sessions to wean down more , gave me a deal financially, and they would get me 2 more visits with the psychiatrist for no charge, so I guess I’ll do it. I hope the thinking will clear up as we end treatments, and I hope YOU get results too. It’s amazing how it seems most people don’t really get results until the end, and like you, I think the let down is contributing to this feeling, so much money I couldn’t afford to spend. WE MUST KEEP HOPING !!!!!

    Please keep us/me posted on how you’re doing or if you hear of other cases that things change AFTER TMS has finished! Bless you!!!!

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