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    I am almost halfway through my session (13 of 36) and I need to consult somebody besides the doctor who was overseeing my TMS procedure.

    Everything was fine until they switched to bi-lateral treatment with the coil on my right side, and since that change, I feel like I am on speed with skyrocketing anxiety 24hrs a day, everyday since that switch. It is physical, and I cannot stop my body from shaking. After the 2nd bilateral treatment, I became too anxious to even drive myself in.

    I cannot speak to my doctor overseeing this(www.tmswashington.com) because he has not returned any phone calls that I have left since this physical change started. All he did was have a staff member call me to claim that this is 100% not tms related and is a pre-existing condition and to consult my normal psychiatrist. However, I was absolutely fine before the change.

    Since he is refusing to even return a call, I need to consult somebody to ask whether I should continue or stop cold turkey. I was under the impression that I need to “make new connections” in my brain and that I can’t just stop? Can anybody recommend anybody that I can ask in regard to this since my TMS practitioner is refusing to speak to me and is denying any connection with what I am experiencing and TMS?

    Thank you. I am on my 5th straight day of violently shaking, with racing thoughts and is far stronger than any medication or anxiety that I have experienced before. Thank you for any help of where to turn or who to ask.

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    I’m so sorry for what you are experiencing. It sounds awful. My first question is to ask why they started treatment on the right side if everything was going well before that?

    I would make contact with your regular psychiatrist right away, indicating that this is almost an emergency situation. Being that it is the weekend, this may be difficult. An alternative is to go to the emergency room. Hopefully, your hospital has a Behavioral Health department that can step in.

    I don’t think it would hurt to immediately stop treatment on the right side since you’ve had so few sessions on that side, but I am no doctor. That’s just my opinion. I would, however, continue treatment on the left side.

    When things are better, I would consider reporting the doctor who is overseeing your sessions.

    Please post updates as you are able. Wishing the best for you…




    I am sorry all this happened. I also had a negative reaction to this “treatment”. I would recommend you stop. Let your body heal. The truth is, doctors do NOT know exactly how this works. It sounds nice saying that its “forming new connections” but we really don’t know that. The real truth is, everyones brain is different and unique. Your current doctor sounds like a coward and doesn’t know what to tell you because he/she doesn’t know.

    There is a group of us on Facebook I can connect you with, or you can e-mail me at entenmk@bgsu.edu

    But please, my suggestion is to stop, or at least stop and run from that “doctor” Pray the shaking slows down – it should, but it may take time. I wish I had positive news but I’m still recovering a year later, however, things have gotten slightly better- but I sure wish I would have stopped earlier.

    Be good to yourself, and feel free to email. Thanks for listening.


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