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    In my efforts to manage my brain disorder, MDD, (I am a patient and have no medical background) I have recently come across info that I was not aware of before. This information is meant to supplement and support your chosen treatment path. This info is NOT intended to replace it. The info maybe helpful to some, most likely not to all, as physiologically and biochemically we are all different. It may be worth a “listen” to the videos and a talk with your doctor, and/or treatment providers.
    Anyone else who may have helpful tips, as brain disorders are multifaceted, please feel free to post.
    These two short videos talk about two mineral deficiencies that affect mental functioning – zinc and magnesium.
    “Magnesium is the most important major mineral that is needed by your body. In order to function correctly and efficiently, your body needs many nutrients. However, if it is deficient in magnesium, there are over 350 biochemical reactions that either will not occur at all or will occur very inefficiently.” Dr. Mandel
    These videos are from Vital Minds Psychology, Australia

    Sending my best.

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