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    My story is similar to many on this forum. I’ve struggled with depression most of my life and have been on more medicines than I can count. About 1 year ago I finished my first set of TMS treatments and was feeling very good until July 2019. I’m finishing up my second round of TMS treatments and I see no difference. I’ve lost all hope that I will ever be lifted out of this depression and just wanted to post this hoping to feel better!!!



    I went on my second round of treatments 6 months after my initial round (a traumatic event resulted in an even worse relapse). The first round was successful but with a delayed response – improvement did not start until at least 2 weeks after the treatments ended, and then it was a slow progressive improvement. I was, finally, at peace (not necessarily happy).

    I finished my second round a month ago. Two weeks after the treatments ended, there was enough improvement to make life somewhat bearable, but I still have a long ways to go. I continue to hope for improvement and assuming that it just takes longer to work on me. Time will tell.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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