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    My daughter had a seizure and had to stop TMS therapy in her 3rd week. She was also experiencing the Dip at this same time. No one – not her TMS provider or Neurostar – can or will tell us what to expect now. Could she be stuck in this “dip” stage forever? She is worse now than she’s been in a while. Drugs weren’t working we had such hopes for TMS, which now turned out to be damaging for her. We feel abandoned by everyone. The provider doesn’t need to see her anymore, Neurostar won’t answer our questions, and we can’t find ANY patient who has had this happen at such a critical stage in treatment. We have been left out to dry!

    Also, has anyone ever been in the process of switching depression medications during the weeks of taking TMS, or did the provider insist you remain on the same drug therapy throughout?

    Can anyone please help us, either by sharing similar stories, or by giving us a number of someone who can help? Our daughter has full body pain, is reliving the trauma of the seizure, and is more depressed than she’s been in a long time.

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    I was listening to this podcast from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (you may want to check out the site) after reading your post and thought you might be interested. It is about an hour long but near the end the doctor does address the issue of seizures during treatment. I hope it is helpful.


    I can’t imagine your battle as a mom to try and support and help your daughter through this neurobiological disorder. I would try and contact the doctor who does the presentation for information on the seizure and dip issues in addition to any other info you want. Google his name – there should be sites with his email or location. Go right to the source and explain your situation. The doctor may have additional information that may be helpful. Make as many contacts as possible until you get to speak with him or a colleague and don’t get off the phone or email until they give you another contact if they can’t help. Research is abundant now and it is only a matter of time until there is a deeper understanding of the brain and additional treatments. Let us know how you both are doing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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