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    I suffer from depression and anxiety and had a bad depressive episode this past summer. I started NeuroStar TMS in late August 2020 through early November. It pulled me far enough out of my depression hole that I was able to function again and address some of the issues at the root of my depression. The treatments were unilateral (left side only) and I’m incredibly grateful for how much they helped.

    I followed up with the TMS facility’s psychiatrist in early January 2021. I explained my anxiety was still bad and she suggested trying TMS on my right side. I was game since TMS helped my depression. I had my 25th treatment this morning.

    Sadly, my anxiety’s getting worse! It usually gets worse a few days before my period which is what I thought the problem was. But I’m going over a week of crushing anxiety and I’m concerned. I realized it might be the TMS. I heard that when I was getting treatments for depression that I might feel worse before I feel better. Has anyone experienced this or felt that your anxiety just got worse in general? I’m going to ask when I go in for treatment tomorrow but I’d love to hear other patients’ stories.

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