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    There were some concern my insurance company had for me doing tms because a lot of the meds I have been on were anti-depressants. I was assuming that it is because tms is for depression. I got a bipolar label put on me at the very beginning of my depression treatment and it has come and gone. After the first session I felt activated – like when I was put on adhd meds (I’ve been on everything…) and I am having a difficult time sleeping. I’m worried about it being activating and I have only done one week. Is tms bad for bipolar or could it trigger mania in my brain? I’ve never been manic and the consensus for a while has been that I have MDD not bipolar… I’m always a little scared maybe it’s not only that though.



    Hi Caroline,

    Yes, it actually is possible that TMS can trigger a manic episode in those with bipolar depressions. However, this is usually not rapid (e.g., one doesn’t go into full mania from one session). Definitely tell your doctor that you are experiencing manic symptoms – they should be able to put you on a bilateral (or right side only) protocol that should really help to balance you. We often treat those with bipolar depression, but just watch them carefully. If the bilateral approach doesn’t work, we sometimes use the regular protocol but for half the time.

    I help to run a TMS clinic so let me know if yo have any questions.




    Hi Ben,
    Thank you for your response. I have been doing bilateral and seem to be doing ok. I just finished week 2. I am not sure of the difference. There IS a difference, but I don’t really know what it is. I can’t explain it. My therapist said I seemed “easier.” But couldn’t quite explain it either. I feel like I should be doing something to help this work to the best of its ability, but I don’t know what. It’s just like I go in there and just sit there or read or occasionally look at my phone…




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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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