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    I just had my 4th session at 6 last night-feel very stressed, fatigued and mental confusion. I’m brand new to this forum so I’m sorry if this isn’t appropriate. The issue is my tech is really pressuring me to change the time of my sessions due to she doesn’t want to stay late. This seems pretty silly but I don’t want to say anything. The doctor operates three different sites and told me I could choose whichever site is more convenient and schedule anytime from 6am until 8pm. Also that once I chose a site, I would be calibrated to that machine and should complete treatment at that site
    Now the tech tells me(on day 2) that she has to work 9 hours a day because I want to come in at 6pm. I’m trying 11am next week but I resent this and can’t stop thinking about it. I’m getting Brainsway deep TMS so it’s 30 sessions. The tech was spoken of very highly at my 3 consultations. Has anyone had problems with their tech? I’m dreading my appointments even more now.

    Thank you for any insight.

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