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    Hi everyone………. I am down to my last 2 sessions of TMS and so far I’ve not had much success. However, I still believe it was meant for me to try and many people have said it isn’t until AFTER TMS did they it help. However, I had a light bulb moment. I don’t really eat, but not losing any weight, I don’t eat junk food, I I just don’t feel like eating. I’ve trying to eat but it’s not working, so I try to drink low sugar protein shakes. I know I should eat regular food, but I barely make it through the day at work and don’t feel up to cooking. I now really think this could be part of the reason the treatments have not worked. I could not even have a conversation with my mom last night as usual, the apathy and lethargy are still so bad, and I am so ashamed. I’m all she has and she’s full of energy, I know she can’t understand what this is like.
    Martha as so awesome, taking the time to respond to an email encouraging me to fight my insurance and do appeal. The way it looks now, I won’t even have coverage to see a follow up psychiatrist, I had no idea the TMS used my allotted Mental Health visits. And and no one knows anything at insurance co. I just pray the Doctors are willing to help with appeal. It’s so hard to do this and be at work.

    I am wondering if anyone might have insight or knowledge what really good complete nutritional supplement might be, a concentrated form, and also, what brain supplements might help my neuro- transmitters get some proper nutrition quickly to see if I can get these last 2 treatments to help do a turn around, or begin at least.

    I’m trying not to worry, but after not even being able to talk to mom last night and feeling so crappy today, I am struggling.

    Thank you for any help……..




    I don’t know if this will help but here is a website with some info :

    As far as nutrition supporting TMS outcomes, I don’t know if there is any clinical data supporting that issue. Nutrition is one of the many elements that is part of the overall consideration and contribution to good brain health.
    I hope you keep challenging your insurance company through the external appeals process and the outcome is advantageous for you.
    Please keep us posted on your outcome. (Just had eye surgery so I will contribute more the next time. Just have to limit screen time for a few days). Fish Oil is routinely recommended for brain health – check with your doctor first.




    I am curious how you are doing. I read the nutrition article posted above and its pretty much everything my doctors pointed me towards. It has made a huge difference in a lot of ways, not just the depression but feeling better in general and thinking more clearly than before my depressive episode. Its a real game changer for me. I am in TMS right now and this doctor has been clear that TMS can help the wires work right but it doesn’t make up for citamin or nutrient deficiencies. I started having weird nerve stuff that overlapped my depression. My blood tests showed I was low in in both B12 and D. Its worth talking to your general doc about.

    I did two things After I found out I was low on B12 and D. 1) I researched other things on my own ( and came up with almost the exact list as the article above) and then I made an appointment with my general doc, neurologist, and psychiatrist and said, “here’s my plan, what do you think” They recommended I cut some of the doses I recommended and focus on eating more fish, certain vegs, and beef liver. I now take 1000mg fish oil with both EPA and DHA, 1000ius of D3, 1000mcgs B12, methylfolate 400, 1mg melatonin at night to regulate sleep(up to 5mg is I have trouble sleeping), 1500mgs of Turmeric (for inflamation)
    And 500mg of tyrosine for cognition and memory.

    I eat salmon twice a week and one other fatty fish (mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines, anchovies)
    Beef liver once a week
    I buy omega 3 eggs and milk
    Added walnut oil for cooking
    I drink 5grams of inulin fiber (chocory root) as a pre biotic and eat lots of real fermented sauerkraut, kim chi, and yogurt as probiotics. (They also have lots of magnesium and other stuff).

    I thought it would be harder. It isnt as hard as I thought.

    Ive been stuck in a major depression for 18 months. So actually just eating has been hard. So I get that changing diet is not an easy move. But I started with the supplements and it has taken the edge off and made focusing on diet easier.

    If you like fish and liver at all then just start buying them more. They fry or bake pretty easily. And see your docs about supplements.

    Though there is nothing scientific I know of, I have heard of patients who switch up nutrition after TMS and have some great results. Let us know what happens, ok? I’m routing for you.



    I would suggest SAM-e



    Dena, does your tms provider have nutritional suggestions?

    Zsazsa, do you take SAM-e? If so, what has been the effect?

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