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    If you feel that covering costs for TMS Therapy may be an issue, it is important to use a TMS provider who is able to discuss and help you with payment options for TMS Therapy. You will want to choose a TMS provider who provides finance counseling and is able to help you in securing a loan and/or setting you up on a payment plan.

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    The provider requires ALL the costs up front then they bill my insurance co and I get reimbursed after my deductibles are met (both in network and out must be met). I’m concerned with handing over that large amount of money for a treatment that according to their website helped only 1/3 of the patients receiving treatment. I am looking at over $10K upfront.



    Hi Seraphita, I am in smack dab in the middle of TMS Treatments, and they finally worked it out with my insurance to cover Part of it, but I still coughed up close to 6k at the beginning. Ouch. It was scary, I couldn’t afford it, but I was ready to try anything. I have to work everyday, and I can’t stand it, but thank God, I am able to do the treatments by taking a longer lunch hour, the place is only 10 minutes away. I had been researching TMS for a long time, and was seeing mainly positive reports, it is only JUST recently I’m seeing these negative reports, which of course is making those horrid thoughts: “what if I’m one of the ones it doesn’t help feeling” 10 times worse.

    The final straw for me to spend the money: I recently realized I had to do something, ANYTHING, or I’d be facing the biggest fear of my life, which is letting an aging parent down when they need me. The fear of how I couldn’t handle that and what it might lead to, scared me. I had hoped I’d be able to pull myself together when I was needed, but I realized I was wrong, really wrong, with my father’s recent passing. I couldn’t function to handle much of anything, and I saw what his wife had to deal with, and knew I couldn’t have done it. I was able to act and did manage to be supportive, but I was ready to collapse, call it quits, when the Lord stepped in and took Dad on home. But I am now the ONLY one my wonderful mother would have to rely on, as well as Dad’s Widow, and I can barely make it through a day. Mom is now 81, lives an hour away but still the most active person I know, who takes care of her home, and all problems of life on her own and is even my support system. I know things can change and will, and I don’t have a clue what the heck I’m going to do. I go stay the night on weekend, come home 10pm Sunday night to start the misery work week again…ugh . (it takes me all day to get out of bed and drive up there though) So, the thought of not being able to function when she needs my help, pushed me to fork out the money and pray with every ounce of energy I can muster up that this will work for me. It’s the biggest step of FAITH I have ever taken in my life. I still have hope for a good report in the end. I wondered if you were ever able to try TMS? I’m so sorry about the money, it’s terrible the Insurance doesn’t cover it fully. Our medical system is a disgusting mess……… I’m sorry, I did not mean to write so much.

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