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    Did you experience the lift before or after the “dip”?

    My last session was a week ago. I felt pretty amazing my 3rd week, then had the dip around Christmas, and haven’t totally felt the same since.
    I’ve heard that the lift can fully occur post-treatment.

    When did you feel your “lift”? When did you feel your “dip”, and how long did it last?



    I felt a life the first two weeks, then for three solid weeks I felt a dip and that was very discouraging, then in my fifth week I felt a dramatic lift one day, then since then more subtle gradual lift. I have another full week after this week, then will reevaluate with the Dr.



    Hi baileyannique:
    Your questions are common of most patients for sure! The answers are going to vary as each experience is different – there are so many variables. Dips and lifts happen at different times throughout treatment and vary in duration. Just know this is your journey and your response will be as individual as you are. Using this site for info and support as well as your treatment team is a positive path. I found the same response to the dip as jrb, it was very discouraging. I relied on my Dr.’s and treatment team’s advice to continue, (I wanted to quite treatments two weeks in, as I thought I had done permanent damage to my brain during the dip). However, that was far from the results though! This process can create a physical, emotional and mental roller coaster effect (temporarily). And yes some of us did not experience the lift until treatment ended. However, that doesn’t mean treatment wasn’t working and creating neurological changes. Many report that family members and friends notice an uplift before the actual patient does. And that occurs for a variety of reasons. This was the case for me. Hang in there with the ups and downs, dips and lifts and keep the light of hope burning! Sending support.



    Hey, I agree with you that the response of the patients differs. The treatment has different effects that depend on the individuals response to the treatment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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