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    I had TMS two years ago, both sides, for depression. Before then, I had no problems with concentration, memory focus, or alertness. I noticed that I only began to have problems in these areas after the treatment. My memory, short and long term, is awful, I forget whole events that occured in the past and I lose things constantly (and even when I find it I never actually REMEMBER putting it there). My experience as a student become increasingly difficult as I find it hard to focus (and no I do not have ADHD). I find it very alarming that there are no claimed side-effects of this procedure, as what medical treatment lacks side effects, and the fact that so many people are identifying clear and shared problems they have after treatment.



    I went through about 35 treatments and didn’t experience any side effects (aside from the fact that it didn’t really help). Have you spoken to your doctor?



    I am having a different experience than you. I find my mind is sharper and my word retrieval problems that I developed are much less pronounced.



    I have also experienced severe fogginess and memory lapse. Im at #30 and have been experiencing this for 2 weeks. I am growing concerned that this could be longer term although my doctor advises that this will only be temporary. If anyone has experiences this any guidance to how long this lasts would ease my concerns.




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