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    Once the TMS device is positioned, it creates a deep magnetic pulse that targets the left pre-frontal cortex. This pulse comes in rapid succession and is thought to stimulate regions of the brain that are linked to emotion. In depressed patients, these emotion-baring regions are shown to be very non-responsive compared to healthy patients.


    Martha Rhodes

    As I understand it, TMS delivers a magnetic pulse that produces electrical stimuli once it penetrates the cranium and rouses the neurons so they’ll do their job. The stimulation starts at the outer part of the prefrontal cortex’s neural pathways and, in turn, they start to connect with deeper parts of the brain. Over a period of time with consistent stimulation, the brain’s chemistry is rebalanced. This is why TMS therapy requires the commitment of several weeks with consecutive sessions.


    hope it works

    Hi Martha, am going through hell & have given myself a month before my daughter’s brain surgery for a tumor. Have delayed it just because of my depression which is very severe & debilitating. Sometimes I wonder if I should not wait for the slow procedure to work but just go in for ECT which has worked in the past. What do you think? I would like to call & talk to you. Is that possible?



    Hi hope it works
    Sorry this reply is coming a little late, but wanted to know whether you were still in a bad way? I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter, and I hope her surgery went well.

    There are certainly some pros and cons to consider when it comes to TMS versus ECT. It really boils down to what are your expectations and what are you willing to compromise.

    TMS takes longer for effects to kick in than ECT and most physicians will probably agree that ECT is more effective just on the whole. However, TMS has drastically less side effects and is completely outpatient (no time away from life and family). No doubt the effects of ECT are drastic and pronounced, whereas TMS can often have a more subtle effect. For these reasons and more, many doctors view the hierarchy of treatment as 1st Therapy; 2nd Medication; 3rd TMS; 4th ECT.

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