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    Has anyone experienced mood swings and depression after the full TMS treatments are done? I just finished my 30 treatments of TMS 1 week ago, and these past 3-4 days have been really rough. The TMS was definitely helping throughout most of the treatment period. It was not until after it ended that I started getting emotional ups and downs, and anxiety and bad depression. I will mention also that I’m bipolar so this complicates things, and I’m still taking my medications. I might see the TMS doctor but I am not sure what he can do, and if I can afford it or not. My psychiatrist does not know anything about TMS. I mainly would like to know if anyone has experienced this, and if so does it get better over time? I had another topic/thread about TMS but just started a new one since this is a different topic. All help is much appreciated! Thank you.


    Dee Pressed

    The effects for me with TMS did not take place until after I finished all the treatments. Then I felt much better. Depression and suicidal thoughts were gone for almost 2 months. Woke up yesterday with the worst depression and suicidal thoughts I have ever experienced. I am going through some stressful times right now which could be why. Will see what tomorrow brings. I truly believe TMS is different for everyone I am hoping this gets better, but often feel there is not enough known about TMS and I spent a fortune for nothing.
    Good luck to those who are waiting to feel better. It happens but in my case not for long.



    I had such hope in TMS, and I gave it 100%, I completed all sessions, and it did help with horrid hand pain I was experiencing, but it returned with a vengeance about 2 months after TMS. I pray you are one of the lucky ones that experience the “after” effect, I’ve heard up to 6 months later it can just suddenly kick in!
    I was not so lucky, TMS for some reason, made my depression worse, I had trouble with short term memory and thinking straight, for the first time ever I was leaving letters off words, simple words that I type all the time, it was scaring me. It has settled down a bit, but I never thought TMS could make things worse, I truly expected it to work (unusual for me to be so positive). For me to spend that kind of money, over 6k, out of pocket, took a huge leap of faith, and I honestly thought it was my answer to prayer. I just wanted you to know you are not alone in negative effects after treatment stops, but I want you to EXPECT it’s going to still be effective, your brain needs to settle down a bit from what I’ve heard.

    I wish you the best!



    Dee Pressed

    A few days later and still down. I feel like it was money I did not have spent for nothing. I still believe there is not enough known about TMS. Especially the place I went where people were trained for a week in how to apply the magnet to my head. Some said I shouldn’t have pain. Others moved the magnet to another place on my head when I had pain. Then I was told their was an office meeting and the magnet could no longer be moved more to the top of my head so the pain was not as bad. Why? What did the magnet do to my brain all the times it was moved to the top of my head and wasn’t supposed to be there?
    I dunno’ TMS could work, just could be the untrained office staff that was the problem.
    How do any of us know?


    Dee Pressed

    Dear Alan
    I am so sorry to hear you are going through worse depression than you ever had before the TMS. Just from this website I can see that everyone has a different reaction to TMS. I don’t know why doctors seem to lump everyone and their reactions all together. We are all different. If a dr. gave all of us the same medication for depression it wouldn’t be so odd that we would each have a different reaction to the medication.
    Honestly I feel years down the road there will be a class action suit regarding TMS.
    With my recent spiral downward and not wanting to be on meds I tried one last thing. I had seen it online . The website is here
    This is something that can be used at home, so it can’t be as strong as the TMS, and I am in control of where it is on my head, not some tech who has been on the job for a week.
    I used this a few times and the depression was less and suicidal thoughts went away..
    It is working for me. Not cheap though.



    I kept a daily log while going through TRM. My doctor suggested 20 treatments. I found I only had 4 OK days during those weeks. Otherwise I spent, hours, days bawling. Due to the kindness of a friend I had the money for 10 more treatments. After 3 more treatments I told them NO MORE. I am now in worse shape than before these treatments, to the point I almost panic when I have to leave the house. I guess I didn’t realize what real depression is until after the treatments! Spent thousands of dollars only to feel worse!



    I was doing really well, feeling better until the end when you taper down. My depression is worse than before. I told the Tech today when I went in for my last treatment. She said nothing.I agree, not enough is known and I wonder if my experience is document any where. I need more that the 30 treatments but not what is prescribed so I guess I wasted my time and money becasue I do not fit the norm.



    Post tms taper, I had sexual disinterest and some sexual dysfunction [delayed to almost no orgasming ] reminded me of SSRI side effect. It seems to be a withdrawal symptom and still present after 1 week. I’m wondering if anyone else experience this also ? Any ideas why or what to do???



    This is just a comment regarding a post by Dee-pressed: Fisher-Wallace stimulator. As she/he states everyone reacts differently. I tried the Fisher-Wallace unit before TMS. I tried it twice then returned it within the time frame to get a full refund. It did nothing for me.
    After 30 treatments of TMS and three weeks out, this also has not made any improvements, yet, I HAD to try it since I have not left any stone unturned to try and resolve this illness.



    Just a follow up. The sexual side effects are gone now and I feel peaceful mostly. I owe it to the life path of “precense” and Light [Jesus said be sons of light” …but the tms definitely helped too in my leaving of bad habits that is depressio.

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