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    Newbie here. Since I cannot see a way to search topics other than simply scrolling, I hope I’m not introducing a topic that has been thoroughly discussed.
    Life long (77 years) sufferer from depression/anxiety. Probably early childhood PTSD. Tried all the meds, talk therapy, etc. multiple times. All this effort did help me “adjust” and “cope” with difficult situations and people, but the underlying issue kept re-emerging and tormenting me.
    I just finished the main course of treatment and now am on taper/maintenance. rTMS worked well for me, but I still feel like I have a ways to go. What rTMS did for me was to almost eliminate all of the physical symptoms of my anxiety/depression (skin crawling, intense upper body/head pressure, tiredness, etc.) and some of the intensity of negative feelings/thoughts, though I still deal with this everyday. My doc says that I can still continue to improve with patience, but after two months with no improvement, he may recommend to a new course of treatment of three times a week.
    In the meantime, I plan on “helping” myself through Vipassana (lAKA insight) meditation. I’m not talking about the popular McMindfullness version of this. Rather a “practice” that focusses on negative feelings (according to the Buddha, “The Five Hindrances”) and to mitigate their power over my consciousness. Has anyone pursued this course and found it helpful?

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