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    I am on treatment #7 as of today. I started getting ringing in both ears (left worse) starting treatment #2. Has anyone else had this?? It reminds me of the ringing in they ears as a side-effect I had from Wellbutrin years ago.



    I have had two full rounds of TMS and never experienced ringing in the ears. But since you mention Wellbutrin, that was the first medication that caused me to stutter.



    So now that treatment is over – has the tinnitus stopped ?




    No, it has not! It started the eve of #2 and never waived in intensity. I made the decision to stop at #16. The intensity has decreased some. It is still there, and yesterday was bad. Today it’s a bit better. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since my last treatment. I so wanted this to work! The ringing is concerning enough to me that I stopped and have made an appt with an ENT. My hearing is affected at times! I read that so many have had some success with this and I’m a bit sad I’m not continuing, but I fear there has been damage??? I am finding others out there with same and concerning side effects. I also experienced severe neck and upper back/shoulder muscle spasms that did not give until cessation of treatments. Also, have a bit of brain fog. A lot of mixed feelings. I just want the tinnitus to go away:(



    Did they give you earplugs to help with the noise of the treatment? My technician gave me earplugs or instructions to use head phones.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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