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    I’m so terribly sorry for what your wife went through and that it brought her to the point it did. Reading everything you posted was heartwrenching. I’ve battled suicide and depression since I was 13 after being raped by my an uncle, being molested at age 3, than ages 8-11 and beat on as a child also played a part in my decision to attempt as well, but age 13 incident was what really set me off.

    I’ve been in and out of psych hospitals, meds, than no meds for years, did great (I feel my relationship with God helps) but then had a set back this year and attempted due to some major triggers (I always try to avoid those), went to treatment, got out and TMS is what was suggested. I told the psychiatrist I would do some research and let him know. After researching, I found some negatives about it, headaches 24/7, some had twitching, some they got worse and it didn’t help them.

    I went back to him, told him some of the things I found and he said he never heard of them before and asked if I was afraid that I would get cancer. I didn’t say anything about cancer, just stated that there can’t be all positives about this treatment that I was sure there was something negative to it, felt uneasy about it and opted out. It was weird he said cancer though. I just felt that having a magnet, with magnetic stimulation that close to my brain that it seemed nothing good could come out if it.

    People like you, speaking out about this TMS will save peoples lives. Reading your story made me glad that I went with my gut feeling. Please, speak out about it, write whoever you have to (President, Congress, FDA,DEA whoever) and get them to listen. Become an advocate against this TMS. Everyone deserves to hear the negatives because the Dr’s are not explaining them to patients.

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