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    I did 36 sessions (bilateral) with the NeuroStar almost one year ago, and my last session was during the first week of July 2018.

    I went downhill about 6 weeks after finishing the treatment, and by the time the holidays rolled around I was a mess. I’m worse than I was a year ago when I began treatment. I have never felt more detached from everyday life and people than I am now. I am neglecting more and more things and I’ve totally let my apartment go. I wish there was something that could shake me out of this but nothing is doing it.

    I went back to see my TMS psychiatrist for an office visit a few weeks ago and she said I would have to do the full treatment again because there is a better chance of quick relapsers doing better the second time around. I gave it a lot of thought but I remain unconvinced. That was a huge time commitment and a lot of money.

    To those of you who have benefited, I am happy for you, but like everything else, this treatment didn’t work for me and I’m jaded. I’m back to playing medication roulette with my psychiatrist. It’s less money and less time.

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