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    My Psychiatrist has recommended I have TMS treatments done. After reading many Questions and responses on this site I am very concerned if it will work for me. I have been diagnosed and struggling with Major Depression, Bi-Polar, Severe Panic Attacks, Severe Panic Attacks, Severe General and Social Anxiety for over 35 years. Then, on top of that my wife I was deeply in love with for over 30 years divorced me 6 years ago because as she put it she could no longer live with such a depressed person any more. That put me in such a deeper depression I could not work anymore and ended up having to go Disability. Which I am still on after the past 6 years and am still so Deeply depressed I am not able to go back to work. Any suggestions on what I should do will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you


    Dee Pressed

    Hi Chuck
    Sorry to hear you are struggling so with depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.
    I guess your doctor has tried you on different anti-depressants that didn’t work? That is when they usually suggest TMS.
    Personally I feel the TMS did not work for me. I ended up owing $2500.00 when I was finished with all my sessions as my insurance ran out.
    Some people have had good things to say about TMS, others not.
    TMS is different for everyone.
    I became more anxious for a short time while getting TMS and it was undoing the good my klonopin and valium were doing for my panic attacks. That went away after a few weeks, then my meds were working again.
    I think more doctors need to try TMS before suggesting it to their patients.



    HI Dee Pressed,
    Thank you for responding to my post. Yes my Psychiatrist has tried every combination of meds she can come up. With little to no relief. I have also read other post and study results, which show TMS only has around a 30% success rate. Which really worries me because both my Psychiatrist and Phycologist both told me I am one of the worst cases they have ever had to deal with, So I am scared and don’t know if its worth even trying. Plus being on Medicare I haven’t been able to find a TMS specialist that accepts Medicare in my area. IDN know what to do?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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