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    Today will be my very last TMS treatment and I don’t want to go. Disappointed is an understatement as I have had no noticeable improvement in my depression. I will say that the edge has been taken off my anxiety but even that is such a tiny shift that I barely notice it. Now what? Back to meds that don’t work which is why I did TMS?



    Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. I feel the same way too. 30 painful treatments, tapering and I don’t feel one bit better. I’m very, very disappointed to say the least.

    I finished in May and wondered the same thing – now what? It gives me anxiety thinking that I will never feel like myself again.

    I have thyroid problems so I’m looking into that. I don’t know what else to do. I felt like the tms was the last chance at getting my life back.

    Blessings to you.



    Keep_Hoping and Kate:
    First I am so saddened when I hear that TMS did not work for you. I have a difficult time understanding the whys of this treatment when it works so well for some and not others. I take a step back sometimes because it seems so damn unfair. Sorry to swear but no other word comes close to the depth of disappointment.
    I will say this after being in the despair of depression for 60 years. There is hope that soon there will be more understanding about depression, the structure of depression in the brain and more effective treatments. Scientific/clinical studies are occurring globally at a more intense rate now more than ever before. At the NAMI National conference that was held a few weeks ago, there was a presenter who said that even ECT treatments are more specialized, are not necessarily being administered bi-laterally and the resulting memory loss has been reduced. So research is being done which is improving the understanding of how the brain structure of depression works.
    I am going to suggest that you may want to go to google alerts and plug in a topic such as research on depression. You will routinely receive the most updated info on research on this topic. It can be quite helpful. Also connecting with peer support groups and organizations such as NAMI can help support you and family members through this challenge. There are so many people and organizations that support those facing the challenge of brain disorders.
    I hope this is helpful. Please stay in touch.



    Did you ever find any results? I’m in the exact same place you were and I’m so desperately hoping for a delayed response. First round I felt amazing. This second round I feel nothing, and my dip gave me mood swings to the point of almost fracturing my hand.

    I hope you’ve found something to help you

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