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    hi i just started with rTMS therapy.
    the first 3 sessions i didnt feel alot like i expected, but after the 4th session i got increased anxiety, i always had a anxiety/social anxiety problem and bought alpha stim wich cured me for like 95%.
    but now this rtms gave me more anxiety but my depression went lower, 1 week later today i had the 5th treatment and it got back again, i am wondering, does anyone else have experienced this problem?



    Not completely understanding your post. I think what your saying is that the TMS is helping with the depression but you are experiencing increased anxiety. This happened to me during my initial treatments and I hear it is very common. My doctor then treated the anxiety with TMS, which reduced it greatly. Depression is treated on the left of the brain, anxiety on the right. Hope this helps.



    Hi 1995scooby1995

    Wanted to know how you made out with your TMS course.

    My understanding is that it is common for there to be co-morbidity with Depression, Anxiety in particular. It’s not that TMS causes anxiety, but that when it starts treating the Depression, the pre-existing anxiety becomes pronounced because Depression isn’t competing with it. From what I’ve read on this forum and other places, it is not unheard of for doctors to start a regiment to treat anxiety along with TMS Therapy.



    Hi there,
    My friend has just recovered from the same situation you have mentioned above. The difference is only he has used the hydro jet method to get over his increased depression and anxiety. He has installed the walk in bathtubs on his dad’s recommendation through walk in tubs AZ, because the tub gives the hydro massage feature inbuilt, which cures the depression and anxiety and even helps in curing body pain too. Its air-jet massage helps a lot in getting the body a calming massage which helps a person in overcoming from his anxiety. You can also try this method for your increased anxiety if want to go with option other than rTMS therapy.

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    Sounds like a sales pitch.

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