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    Hi everyone. I cannot sleep anymore since july 2015 when I had only one session of Brainsway Deep TMS. I had to take anti-psychotics since then, Stelazine was first.
    In november the same year I got depressed after less than 30 days on a new job and went for 3 sessions of Neurosoft TMS with a big coned coil. So far I hadn’t realised it was the cause of the terrible insomnia because I was changing meds too. On the 27th of January 2016 I had 1 more session of the Neurosoft(Russian manufacturer) TMS with the big coil and it was too intense. Went home with Mirtazapine tablets but they failed to cause me sedation. then I realised the TMS was the cause of terrible insomnia. I also lost that job and psych prescribed me Quetiapine. 25mg didn’t do anything.
    Took up to 125mg but still not a good sedation. I’m on 50mg now, 25mg of sertraline and 2mg of Clonazepan. The last two I’ve been for many years but I never needed anti psychotics before the TMS. I feel desperate because I cannot sleep deeply, only a mild sleep, on and off, tossing and turning. I’m 42 years old male from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Please get in touch people that had the same sleep problem after TMS or Deep TMS.

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    Hi paulo:
    We moved your reply to its own topic because of how unique your situation is. We also noticed that you said you are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and just wanted to clarify upfront that TMS+You is open to all but the information from this website (and from many who post in the forum) is designed for a US audience. What this means is that certain referenced TMS manufacturers may have different statuses and availability in the US compared to Brazil, not to mention certain protocols in administering TMS Therapy.

    For a US audience, it is very unorthodox to only have one or a small number of sessions of TMS (unless it is stopped prematurely by the prescribing doctor over other health concerns). It cannot be stressed enough that TMS is an intense medical regiment that is initially designed to take place many times a week over many weeks.

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