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    I’ve completed the initial 30 plus deep TMS treatments now- going onto ‘maintenance’ treatments- three times a week. The actual procedure was harmless- no scalp irritation, seizures or the like, but the post initial treatment effects are now increased tearfulness, anxiety, agitation, confusion, inability to focus, raw emotion coming out. Very very difficult to deal with post treatment because there’s no one to help, and no one to say whether or not the after effects are normal, will somehow dissipate, etc. So it makes the anxiety increase even more with no one to with about it or any kind of support. Thank Goodness I came under a psychologist’s care prior to starting treatment. This is one of the things in setting up this whole TMS thing- they should inform people that a psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist someone supportive is a must as I am now dealing with emotions I never knew I had. I really don’t feel as though my depression has lifted, it’s just that now I can sort of know some of the emotions that had been stuffed deep down so long ago. I have dealt with the diagnosis of depression now for over forty years, been resistant to medication, counseling, therapy, name it and used this TMS as a last ditch effort. I am hoping against hope that entering the ‘maintenance’ sessions phase helps me, as I am not well yet.

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