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    Hi everyone, I asked the Dr. but he had not idea about the Fisher Wallace Device. . So far I’ve not seen results from TMS, but this Device also stimulates your brain, of course not as strongly, I wondered if anyone picked up this device to give ongoing support after TMS sessions?. I am still so anti medicine, and I do not have peace about maybe trying another one as I’m so sensitive to any med, and none have worked, but I find myself wondering now, if there is one of the older anti depressants folks have tried when nothing seems to work, and had any success? I know the Fisher Wallace Device gives 30 day at least money back guarantee, they will extend it a bit if you need a little longer to try it, and it cost about 500.00.

    Oh those horrible thoughts are eating me alive, now that I’m done pretty much with TMS and didn’t get the help I prayed, for, I’m running out of time, and that pressure isn’t helping. (my aging mother WILL need me one day, and it could be any day, as she’s 82. Though she still runs around like a teenager, … reality is, I will be needed, and if I can’t function and be what I’m needed to be, I fear that will be the thing that pushes me past the point I can’t return from. I can’t even answer the phone when she calls, I’m so disgusted with myself. I do call her back, but it’s so hard, what kind of daughter is like this? >Without the depression I know I could do it I think, but she lives one hour away, and she can’t come to where I live for many reason. You’d think I’d have more faith in the Lord that it will all work out. I’m trying because there is no human answer. There I go getting off topic again. so sorry.
    ( i’m still confused a bit how forum works, i never have done forum before, I see many people writing back and forth on other posts, but some are older , so I feel a bit “nervous” I’m not doing my posts right.)
    Thank you everyone !



    Hi Dena. I had to write when I read your post…I want to reassure you, you did nothing wrong in posting to the forum. Your post shows up without any problem. The issue is that, unfortunately the site isn’t set to automatically alert forum members when posts by other members are made. At the bottom of every post that is made, there is a box that we have to click on to check off, to ensure we will get an ’email notification’ when there is a response to our post. I believe if you do that check off even on one post, you will receive notifications on postings made to the forum, even within other topics. Not 100% sure. But that’s what I’ve found so far. Only been in the forum for a few weeks…so it’s still fairly new to me. But it is a wonderful site to be a part of. People will get back to you…it may not be that same day…but someone should respond soon after. It may have a lot to do with those notifications not getting to the forum members. I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are in. 🙁 I can relate so much to what you’re talking about, with not wanting to answer the phone, and how just doing the basic things in life can be SOOOO overwhelming. But please please do not give up. And utilize us her in this forum for support. It helps so much to have others who understand what we’re going through.

    I did a ton of reading about the Fisher Wallace device before I found out about TMS. In utter desperation for something to try at that time, I was going to order it and give it the trial period. I think anything that may have the potential of helping, is worth trying. We never know until we take the leap of faith on some things and give them a shot. But having anything new to try is a blessing. I’m still going through my TMS treatments, and trying to stay strong and have the courage to hold onto the hope it will work, but I am also trying to prepare myself that if by chance it doesn’t help as much as I’d hoped that I will go on to the next thing to try. I would absolutely give the device a try if it possible to afford it. It is a lot of money to lay out. But it is worth every single penny for any therapy or device that makes us feel better. I’ve also read that some experience feeling better weeks after TMS treatments are done. So it is still possible you will get to feel something positive from your TMS treatment. I hope and prey that is what will happen for you. Did your TMS doctor give you any advice when you told them you had not experienced improvement at the end of your treatment? I’d hope they would have some helpful advice for you. If not, can you see the psychiatrist in that treatment office, to discuss your concerns? Please stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing and what you decide to do. Sending supportive hugs to you!!

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