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    My gf has been recommended TMS therapy by her psychologist and all of the testimonies ive seen have been of those who are either mid sessions or 6 months out. Id like to hear thoughts and experiences from those who are a year or more out. Is it worth it? Was it effective long term? Did you or are you still experiencing side effects?




    After a year out my depression is worse and so is my anxiety. I finished mid-August of 2019. About 10 sessions in my depression got much worse and I started developing suicidal thoughts. I also got anxiety problems in social situations that I never had before. They (Doctors) say it couldn’t be the machine. Thats not true. This is a powerful machine that sends a lot electricity to the brain area. You can’t tell me everyone responds the same.

    I am glad certain individuals responded well. Just like anything else though – its a hit or miss.

    I would recommend your gf look for other healing modalities first. Her psychologist means well, but has not read all the information out there. It sounds like an easy simple answer to anxiety/depression but its not.

    If you have any questions please email me…..

    Best of health,

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