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    I realize that mental health conditions are not one size fits all approaches to treatment. And every, I mean ever situation is different. But, for me, and it appears many others on this forum TMS makes anxiety worse. I discontinued treatment after 7 treatments and for good reason. My intrusive thoughts and anxiety spun way up. They tried the right side. Mello treatment also. Not any better.

    I would recommend for people with anxiety and intrusive thoughts to be careful. You may get lucky and it works. But I am set way back now. I shouldn’t have done it.

    It is being marketed well. You tube, mostly all positive reviews. I appreciate this website because people are being honest. I think this treatment does help some for sure. But for others it is potentially dangerous. It’s not like stopping the meds. This makes changes to your brain.

    There are side effects too. Headache and increased anxiety. And the one I regret the most in insomnia. I experienced that from the first day.

    It’s not worth the risk of trying it. It’s not.



    I think it depends on the individual. I had a lifetime of anxiety/OCD that I managed with diet & intense exercise with counseling along the way. At 39 my anxiety went to a whole other level landing me into depression so badly I thought I had dementia. I was placed on Valium first, but was still anxious even with that often. TMS rid my depression & cut my Valium dose in half to 7.5mg/day. It certainly allowed me to get my life back to raise my children. It quite frankly saved my life!

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with it, but given my anxiety drastically reduced, along with depression I think it’s worth a shot. I tried Ketamine 1st and that made me so agitated/anxious I was almost violent, so everyone reacts differently to treatments. I would also say it’s not permanent changes as folks need boosters as their brains return to their previous baseline over time (from neural inflammation) Good luck on finding relief! It’s awful to suffer anxiety or any mental health challenge.

    I do see a connection with people who get insomnia from it having a poor experience with it.

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