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    I’m considering TMS so have been doing a lot of research and came across this site. Because I’m interested in the most unbiased information possible (real stories from real people) I tend to check out the source of what I’m reading. When I did a google search for the company that created this web site (Xsalta) I discovered they’re in the business of creating websites for psychiatrists who prescribe and provide TMS. Doesn’t seem like this site can be considered an unbiased source and it makes me question whether the positive TMS reviews on this forum are from real patients.

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    Hi edr16834:
    I am a patient who had TMS and contribute to this site often.
    In short, TMS was life saving for me and my depression is in remission after 60 years.
    I would be glad to share more of my journey if you are interested and/or answer any questions you have.
    I can explain how I got involved with this site and why I stay involved.
    I know Martha Rhodes personally and can attest that she too is a “real patient”.
    Let me know if you would like to correspond through the site with my intent to offer info and support. I can speak to my experience as a patient with no professional affiliation. I feel so grateful for my response to the treatments, I want to support others as they make a decision and/or engage in treatment.
    Thanks for verbalizing your concerns.



    Hi edr:

    We are so excited to have you here on the forum, and thank you for this great post. You are correct that TMS+You was created and is maintained by Xsalta Marketing, LLC. We understand that because Xsalta provides marketing services for mental healthcare providers – specifically TMS-prescribing ones – that there may be a question of conflict of interest. For this reason and more, we are very open about the fact that TMS is a project by Xsalta and have taken special care to share this in the “About Us” located in the footer of this website.

    When TMS was initially cleared by the FDA in 2008, Xsalta was the first marketing group to identify the importance of this revolutionary treatment, as well as the need to communicate through effective marketing exactly what it is. Since then, we have prided ourselves on becoming one of the most trusted sources for information on TMS Therapy, and help practitioners and clinics all over the United States to share exactly what TMS Therapy is and how it works.

    TMS+You is completely not-for-profit and we strive to ensure that this website is an unbiased and comprehensive resource for all people seeking important information about TMS. That is why we have focused so much on Insurance and Cost, as well as a TMS Doctor locator that TMS+You provides at no charge to website visitors or the doctors who are listed, and even why we created this very forum. In fact, since the launch of TMS+You in 2014, we have added and amended information here based on some of the feedback we read in the forum.

    We can assure you that what is presented on TMS+You is authentic and carefully worded to ensure our reporting is one hundred percent usable to people such as yourself, with no sales pitch and we promise no ulterior motives.

    If you have any questions we can answer, you can find us right here on the forum or send us a message through our “Ask A Question”. Thanks again for finding us, and we look forward to seeing you around the forum!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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