I am a small animal, exotics, wildlife and zoo veterinarian. I balance full-time work at a practice with multiple zoos, biologists and wildlife agencies. I enjoy motorcycle riding, looking for reptiles in the desert, scuba diving and reading.

I first experienced depression in the early 1990’s – I have had multiple episodes for almost 20 years now. Depression has made me withdraw from my friends and family, focus less on my work and goals, and stop doing the things I enjoyed the most.

I decided to try NeuroStar TMS Therapy because other treatments were not working well, the monthly expenses of constant drugs and their potential side effects. My boss knew I needed help and this was a good thing, so he accommodated my schedule so I could do the treatments. It was during NFL playoffs, so I watched Sports Center during my treatments – Bonus!

Treatments were easy, although a bit uncomfortable the first couple of times, but then became hardly noticeable. Each session got easier and I was off meds quickly. I figured if TMS Therapy worked, I would save money in the long run. I noticed a change almost immediately. I was sleeping better, focus, deal with things, control my emoions, and was not as depressed. I didn’t have the “weighed down” feeling of depression.

I am now focused and back to doing the things I love. I am back to doing the things I enjoy. I sleep better at night. I can handle my high stress job again and I am better able to cope with emotional situations at work. I am more productive on my days off, don’t sleep as much, and enjoy getting things done. I am back to doing things with friends again.


Occupation: Veterinarian

If TMS Therapy worked, I would save money in the long run.