About Martha Rhodes

Martha Rhodes spent over twenty-five years working in several major New York advertising agencies as a senior-level executive. She is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston and has done post-graduate work at Harvard University as well as The School of Visual Arts in New York. She was inducted into the Print Media Hall of Fame in 2008. She successfully transitioned several New York advertising agencies into state-of-the-art digital enterprises.

Martha currently devotes her time to patients and health care professionals throughout the United States as a TMS Advocate (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). She is on the Patient Advisory Council of the ISEN (International Society for ECT and Neurostimulation) and is a member of NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness). She has run several TMS support groups for patients either considering TMS therapy, or who were in process or had completed TMS.

Martha’s book, 3,000 Pulses Later: A Memoir of Surviving Depression Without Medication is in it’s second printing and will be available after May 18th, 2013. In it she describes how, as a successful advertising executive, wife, and mother with a seemingly ideal life, she succumbed to depression and overdosed on Xanax and alcohol in an unsuccessful suicide attempt. The memoir describes her challenges with untreated, drug-resistant depression and her struggle to find an alternative to the drugs that failed to relieve her symptoms.

After a grueling stay in a psychiatric ward and many months of trial-and-error medications, Rhodes pursued TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation—the FDA cleared, safe, and proven-effective alternative to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and the ineffective drugs her doctors prescribed.
3,000 Pulses Later shares how the road back to health with TMS returned her to an even better place than where she started. She now manages her depression with TMS therapy—and without the side effects attributable to antidepressant medications.

She has appeared on ABC-TV, The Daily BUZZ TV, Fox News TV, and Sirius Radio. She has written articles about TMS for online and offline media such as CNN.com, The Saturday Evening Post Online, HealthyWomen.org and TMS Neuro Health Centers.
Martha lives in Danbury, Connecticut with her husband of thirty-seven years and their rescue dog, Josie. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.