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    Finished my neurostar TMS at the end of April 2018. I was lucky as it worked well for me with one mild side effect of an occasional slight headache after the treatment. I was beginning to get nervous at week 4 because I was not feeling any better but by week 5 I was beginning to feel improvement. At week 6 I felt a lot better and still feel good today, 10/31/18. I was able to return to work full time at the beginning of September and the massive, severe depression is gone. I still have an occasional sad/unsettled/ angry day but they are few and far between! I take antidepressant medication and Buspar for anxiety. Still a little anxious but now I’m able to talk myself through it most of the time. I no longer need xanax or klonopin. I feel like I’m doing really well! It’s good to get out of bed, be able to leave the house, take care of hygiene, have some interest in daily activities and socializing. I still am a quiet, introverted person who needs some alone time but now I don’t need it all the time! My family is very happy to see me this way after so many ups and downs with depression for many many years.



    I just finished my sessions and what you said sounds very similar to the progress that I’ve had. Especially with just doing the basic stuff like getting out of bed and getting out of the house. My depression and introversion kept me from wanting to socialize or engage with people. I feel a little better now, and I’m about to go back to work soon. ( last thing I recall was that I had a lot of anxiety and I was always stressed out at work.)
    I was wondering if you noticed a difference at your job after undergoing TMS?

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