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    Finished my neurostar TMS at the end of April 2018. I was lucky as it worked well for me with one mild side effect of an occasional slight headache after the treatment. I was beginning to get nervous at week 4 because I was not feeling any better but by week 5 I was beginning to feel improvement. At week 6 I felt a lot better and still feel good today, 10/31/18. I was able to return to work full time at the beginning of September and the massive, severe depression is gone. I still have an occasional sad/unsettled/ angry day but they are few and far between! I take antidepressant medication and Buspar for anxiety. Still a little anxious but now I’m able to talk myself through it most of the time. I no longer need xanax or klonopin. I feel like I’m doing really well! It’s good to get out of bed, be able to leave the house, take care of hygiene, have some interest in daily activities and socializing. I still am a quiet, introverted person who needs some alone time but now I don’t need it all the time! My family is very happy to see me this way after so many ups and downs with depression for many many years.



    I just finished my sessions and what you said sounds very similar to the progress that I’ve had. Especially with just doing the basic stuff like getting out of bed and getting out of the house. My depression and introversion kept me from wanting to socialize or engage with people. I feel a little better now, and I’m about to go back to work soon. ( last thing I recall was that I had a lot of anxiety and I was always stressed out at work.)
    I was wondering if you noticed a difference at your job after undergoing TMS?



    Congrats and well wishes for continued success after your TMS. I am hopeful for a successful outcome for my own well being.



    I just finished treatment day one of week 5….I am waiting and hoping to feel the improvement. I have had a few days where I felt more energized so I am hoping that it will become the norm. I am so happy to hear good, success stories here it gives me hope. Best of luck to you for the future.



    Hi there, AprilJuneMom!

    I am so thrilled that TMS worked for you! It is going really well for me, also. I am exactly halfway through. I finished day 15 (of 30) and will officially be on the last half of my treatment tomorrow (Tuesday). I am feeling just genuinely good, and I’m so hopeful for what these last 15 days will bring.

    However, I’ve noticed some things physically that I think may be caused indirectly by the TMS treatment. I hesitated to ask them on here because I didn’t want to give anyone any extra insecurities. But TMS is amazing for me, and as someone who finished it with continued success, I’m wondering if you experienced these as well, or if you know anyone else who may have.

    I’m noticing interesting hormonal irregularities. Basically, I feel like I’m in middle school again. (Yikes!) My skin is constantly oily and I’m getting breakouts regardless of how well I’m now taking care of my hygiene. It’s the same with my hair. In all fairness, my hair is both fine/soft, and thick, so it has been naturally oily for my entire life, and my skin is somewhat the same. But this is a lot, even compared to that. My menstrual cycle is also way off. By about a week and a half. (There is absolutely no chance of pregnancy, btw, just in case you were wondering.)

    I also have had extreme fatigue since the beginning of week 2. I’m starting week 4 and while my sleep is longer and better quality (a definite win!), my fatigue has only let up a little. I also have nausea and a really dry mouth most of the day.

    I know for sure that TMS won’t cause these issues directly because it is not systemic. But all of these feel exactly the same as when I first started my meds several years ago. I talked with my doc today and he and I are pretty much on the same page, thinking the TMS is working well and my meds are now just too much/too high, as a result.

    He reviewed (all 4 year’s worth of) my charts after I left, and is going to discuss things with me tomorrow (Tuesday). But I’m wondering if you experienced any of this earlier on in your TMS journey. If so, was any of it relieved/eliminated by med changes/eliminations?

    Did you experience any muscle twitching/spasms during the actual treatment (when the machine was on you)? I only rarely get it. In the 15 treatments, I can recall my eye/face twitching 2 times. Until today. Everything seemed to hurt today. I also had a couple muscle spasms in area on the front side of my shoulder. I have chronic pain from a joint issue, and even that is doing GREAT since starting TMS. I rarely have spasms in that area due to my joint, but it is 100% possible/likely. I’m almost sure it isn’t a result of the TMS, but I try to keep an eye on pain synptoms or locations that are outside of my regular. If you’ve never had anything like this, then most likely, it is just my joint issue choosing to be annoying.

    Again, I’m do glad it worked for you and that you continue to find relief! If you have any insight on any of this, I’d appreciate the feedback. My doc is great and I fully trust him. But I don’t want yo raise alarm bells for no reason (joints/spasm). And the hormones can be a weird thing to discuss with guys for more than about 2 seconds. 😉

    I remain hopeful and welcome any feedback/thoughts/suggestions you might have. Thanks for reading!!

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