I am 50 years old and working as a personal care attendant.  I love plants, gardening, and arts and crafts.  I sing and play the piano, organ, and flute.

I experienced my first episode of depression in 1986 and have had around seven episodes, all ranging anywhere from 1 to 6 years.  My depression alienated me and made me feel isolated from the people that love and care about me the most.  I lost a job because of it.  I was desperate to find relief and am grateful for the love and caring attitude of Dr. Uspensky and his nurse, Lisa.  My happiness and life was at stake and I knew I needed help and was looking at the possibility of ECT.

TMS allowed me to continue with my life with little disruption to my daily activities.  I began to notice a change during the fourth week of treatment.  I began to get a handle on my thoughts.  I have been able to live again and life has become enjoyable for me.  NeuroStar was different for me because I got better much quicker than previous attempts at getting over my depressive episodes.


Occupation: Personal Care Attendant

TMS allowed me to continue my life with little disruption to daily activities.