In looking far back, I was probably experiencing depression in my childhood (young adult). Living at home with abuse, instability, and emotional conflicts certainly didn’t prepare me for how to deal with stress. A broken neck and a few other hospitalizations and diagnosis of a few other conditions later on in my life escalated my feelings of loss of control and helplessness as with the dominant continuous feeling of sadness and that things were not about to get better. I’ve been clinically depressed 3-4 times, each time lasting 2-3 years. Surprisingly, very few people were aware of specifically what I was experiencing, though it was apparent that I was losing weight – at one time I lost 22lbs. At times I would cry and took an extended leave of absence from work. Again surprisingly, my personal relationships remained strong. My significant other always asked “what was wrong with me” but has been there for me for over 33 years.

I decided to try NeuroStar TMS Therapy after I noticed the chair in Dr. Deirmenjian’s office. He explained the procedure to me after I read some of the literature including the testimonials, I decided to go with it. It sounded like it was worth it to help me deal with daily stress situations and my depressive episodes. After about the second week of treatment and for the first two to three hours after I left the office I felt uplifted. The feeling remained and I started to feel better. I also didn’t get so concerned with stressful events and I worried less. It has been a year since my treatments and I can’t say I am depressed anymore. Previously, I was taking several different medications just to get some kind of relief. With NeuroStar TMS, I saw beneficial effects quicker than the medications and counseling – and there weren’t really side effects. Despite what I was going through, I rarely even experienced headaches.


Occupation: Educator (retired)

It’s been a year since TMS and I can’t say I am depressed anymore.