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    Had a good experience for my first session. I think 80% of it had to do with the tech.
    We found the spot. I told him soon as I got there how nervous and skeptical I was. While finding “spot” I was about to say forget this. However The tech adjusted and readjusted until I was comfortable. Or as comfortable as you can be for 40 clicks on your noggin in a 4 second span.

    Was offered Advil on the way out, and my tech asked if I was going to come back. Told him I’m all in for the 6 to 8 weeks 5 days a week. I’m still skeptical but also so interested in how this actually works. My psych had suggested I start this almost a year ago, so here I am.

    Being treated for;
    MDD w/Anxiety
    Wellbutrin 300



    Pretty much same meds here. Are you weaning off any of them?



    Nope, Doc doesn’t want me to ween off until sessions are done or this process really does it’s job. The Wellbutrin was great for a while, but like all others its lost its effectiveness.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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