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    It’s been over 8 months since my last treatment. I’ve been feeling worse since I first began, but they assured me it would get better. I finished the 35 treatments, but only found that I couldn’t tolerate medicine anymore. I’m currently off everything since I was unable to tolerate it. I can’t seem to tolerate anything, not even supplements. My body feels completely overstimulated and sensitive to everything. Whenever I try to take anything, my muscles tingle, twitch, tighten, and cramp up. I’ve tried going back on my old medicine, but my body feels like it’s going into shock. I start shaking, heart racing, gasping for air, dizzy. I can’t even take Xanax, klonopin, Propanolol to calm it down. Everything seems to aggravate it. This does not seem normal at all. The doctors haven’t been able to help at all. Has anyone felt like this? Any suggestions?

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